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36 Jansen Road, Sentosa, 



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Our Academics

Reekworth offers students individualized learning to identify and develop their strengths so they can achieve their full potential. We give students the skills and tools they need to be innovative thinkers and effective leaders in tomorrow’s challenging world while focusing on the growth of the child.

We have introduced computers as a medium of learning,. Our Teachers are all computer literates and are trained to use a computer and projector as a medium to educate the students.


One of our vision is to grow the next generation of outstanding Entrepreneurs in Africa, and we believe teaching them finance from young is the best way to achieve this aim.


We endeavor that every one of our students are good writers.

We teach them to express themselves not only through speaking but also through writing


Reekworth aims for students who will excel both in Africa and the international scene. Chinese is one of the international languages that is taught at the school.


We strive to achieve academic excellence, no matter the subject. Reekworth so far has had a 100% pass rate in mathematics in almost all our classes.

Physical Education

Students are exposed to physical activities to be relevant in the sporting scene and for their health as well. Tennis, Hockey, Soccer and Netball every Wednesday at a local sports club.



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